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Clan application reopen

written by ons at Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 7:11pm

Hi everybody,

after a few weeks updating our clan application requirements I am happy to inform you, that our clan application thread is reopen now.
We are looking for softskilled mates, who are interested in teamplay and drinking beer.

Please read our new requirements before you write down your application for the 3xP-clan and be online on our teamspeak server.

  • You should be able to write and speak German or English comprehensibly.
  • You must have a user account in this board.
  • You must be active on our TeamSpeak 3 server (IP: for some time. [Activity in board will have a positive effect for your application progress.]
  • Your personality has to be friendly, helpful and mature.
  • You ought to be skilled in the teamplay.
  • You should be interested in our members and teamplay. (Not only for server rights)


kind regards,

New 3xP' server - Zombies Zom_db 1.8

written by UFaced at Monday, April 21st 2014, 7:46pm

3xP' Zombies Zom_db 1.8


Hey guys :D

I just set up a new server, hosting a mod which was my all-time favorite before Kill the King.
The mod maker (NovemberDobby) created it in 2008. It was very successful. He came back last year to work on it again and released version 1.8.


I love this mod because it's a zombie mod, BUT without bots. It works by elimination. At the beginning of a map, after 2 minutes, a zombie is randomly picked. He will be stronger than other zombies (more HP).
All other people are hunters. The first zombie will have to kill hunters to turn them into zombies, until there are no hunters left.

Basic information:

Hunters begin with 100 HP, and certain perks (mines, repels).

There are various types of zombies, each with different abilities, and different knife basic damage. On average you'll need to hit a hunter 4 times before he dies.

But when a hunter kills a zombie, the zombie drops a 20 HP pack, than the killer can pick up, or after a few seconds, every hunter can pick (the HP pack turns from red to green). If you kill the first zombie, he will drop a mine instead of an HP pack.
Mines are powerful weapons which can kill a lot of zombies at once and can help you achieving great scores.

The ammo in unlimited for hunters.

When every hunter is dead, the person who achieved the best score will respawn as hunter, with limited ammo, but with a pretty laser weapon :w00t_1: Zombies won't drop HP or mines anymore, but the last man standing will slowly regenerate HP over time, so zombies will have to kill him quickly.

Additional information:

- 2 random hunters get a protection bubble each map, which can be used whenever they want (by pressing B+U).
- This mod features dark fog to put you in a zombier mood :D
- No fall damage.
- Repels (2nd hunter ability) can be used to push close zombies away from you and escape.
- Abilities can be triggered by pressing B+1 and B+2 (for both hunters and zombies).
- You can press...[Read on]

Server, Costs and Donation

written by ons at Tuesday, April 8th 2014, 11:11am

Hi everybody,

we are a group of young gamers, who are interested in playing games on our servers and having fun.
To realise theses goals a few members pay a lot of money to be able to run theses servers, teamspeak and website.
That is why I dont ask you to donate us or to pay money for 3xP.
But maybe it is possible for you to add an exception rule for your adblocker for our website/board.
Only this fact, that you are able to see our small advertising would be helpful for us, supports our server and your fun.

Thank you,

Clanmembermeeting - Overview, details, information

written by ons at Monday, April 7th 2014, 8:28am

Hi everybody,

yesterday our clanmeeting was very successful. Thank you for your numerous participation. Thank you for your positive motivation and your great staunchness. Many clanmates are interested in our social network and having fun in playing games together.
For clanmates, who are not able to join our meeting, I want to give you a short overview about the topics and the results:

- We decided to keep our clanname "3xP-Clan". Our common understanding of 3xP-Clan is, that we are more than a community or a gaming clan. We are a group of friends. We dont want to grow up. Our goal/focus is to have fun with cool guys, who are skilled in teamwork, diplomatic, softskills and gaming.

- Who can join our clan?
Everybody is allowed to join our clan. General requirement to applicate for clanmembership is to have a teamspeak activity. The new clanmember have to write a short introduction about themselves on board, that all clanmembers are able to see the basic information about them.
The final decision have the clanleaders, who will join and not.

- Which gameserver we want to run and support?
COD4 Deathrun Server
COD4 Hardcore Server
COD4 Kill the King Server
COD4 ZombieMOD Server
COD4 Nuketown ProMOD Server
CS:GO Public Server 1
CS:GO Public Server 2
Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Napf Server
Minecraft Public Server

Who will be responible for which game server, we will inform you in a few days.
We are very happy to see, that a couple of members still have fun to manage and support game server like minecraft and counterstrike global offensive. The clan will try to support them with hardware and knowledge.

- What do you want to change in teamspeak or board?
We want to clean up our memberlist. Inaktive members without information will be deleted to get a better overview about our mates. We will inform them via Email and PM about the reason and that they please contact us to add them back.
We will modify many forum sections and the design. We discuss about a new forum styling and...[Read on]

the apologise

written by mirko911 at Friday, April 4th 2014, 5:15pm


I want to apologize to Wingzor for the accusing.
We had some problems in the last time and after the key thing got public, I tought that it was Wing's fault.

But it in the last days I got more and more information about the story so my mind changed.

So I want to say "Sorry" to Wingzor because I think it was wrong to accuse him for that.

I also know that he did not create the dox and the ddos attack.


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